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Everyday is a learning journey for mummy blogger Amila and her precious little Prince

With the guidance given by Go Go series, Amila easily guides her little one with different activities that enhance his intellectual, life and fine motor skills. Read more about their fun learning experiences with Go Go series here.
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As parents we all wish for our children to reach their fullest potential in life. Whether that be academic, creative outlets or interests. We all want the best for them!

Funny mom blogger, Desiree Eaglin, loves the fun activities in Go Go series that are designed to prepare children for life in the classroom through a creative learning process. Because learning should be fun, not work! The “Go Go Series” will systematically enhance your child’s ability to think critically and creatively solve problems – without being boring! Read her review here. 
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Fine Motor Skills Workbooks for Preschool & Kindergarten

Mummy Tanya asked: "Why not make practicing fine motor skills entertaining and more like a game instead of a dread?" She highly recommends these workbooks. They are perfect for the different ages and they are colorful and fun.  Gakken Go Go series not just enhance fine motor skills, they are also perfect to give as gifts, for holidays and for simply any day. Read her review here
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American-Japanese blogger, Hiraganamama believes learning should be fun, motivating, and rewarding. 

Read about her thoughts on the nice and thick colourful pages where her child could use pencils, crayons, or markers to draw on. She thinks that the stickers are of high-quality and the illustrations are adorable, her little princess cannot wait to use them all! Click here.  
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Preschool child development: 3 crucial things parents should know

Find out more about the different elements of early child development to understand why these are important. Plus, activities you can do with your kids, to boost their life skills and help them reach their full potential! Children are curious and active learners — they gain knowledge and crucial skills by exploring the world around them and through activities and interactions with others. And a supportive and loving ...
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