The rich history of Gakken started in 1946, as part of Japan’s post-war nation-building efforts. The idea was to rebuild Japan starting from educating the young. We believe that the key to strengthening a nation starts with the young, impressionable minds which will contribute to national development in the future.

Hideto Furuoka – founder of Gakken and educator – worked on a conviction of a sincere appreciation and gratitude to society. His motivating factor comes from his mother’s selfless love and family devotion in raising him under extreme conditions of poverty.

Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. was founded and established as an educational publishing company, educating young minds through science, via mediums such as books, magazines, and other practical utilities.

Gakken Asia Pacific Pte.Ltd. was established in Oct 2015 as regional headquarters in Singapore, in order to integrate Gakken’s businesses in Asia.