Gakken moved along with the modern world to expand beyond publishing, widening its scope of business to various educational purposes and other developments.
  • Develop teaching materials and tools for preschools, kindergartens, high schools
  • Setting up Gakken Classrooms: to enhance teaching tools by creating unique environments; learning centers and places of preparatory schools development, whilst utilizing all of Gakken teaching tools and publications
  • Launching into the business of elderly care and parenting support


Our business has since expanded to the following industries:
  • Information Technologies
  • Books
  • Educational Materials
  • Educational Services
  • Elderly Care
  • Nursing support
  • Employment services


A leader of print publication, we are following the modernization of the educational world, staying committed to digitize the vast amount of educational content in our databases.

We continue to be ever-ready to challenge new ICT trends in education, holding our strong status as “the company for education”, and transforming into a multi-level contents creation enterprise.