The corporate spirit of Gakken is to embrace the “Creative Challenge”, and it is upheld by three pillars of foundation:


Focusing on the future and maintaining a broad view of opportunities acquired through an understanding of existing markets and customers


With a firm and swift conviction, always keeping sight of the higher goals


Creating new values which have free and innovative ideas

The flow of information in the modern society is ceaseless, with change being the only constant. Gakken emphasizes the importance of cherishing creativity and the richness of individual spirit

Our corporate mission is to
  • Foster the human spirit
  • Encourage the consolidated strength which the future of Japan relies on

We pledge to realize a new growth starting from each of our employees and holding a firm commitment to perform our corporate goals and challenges thoroughly.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and encouragement, and invite you to join us in looking forward towards the “Creation of a new Gakken”.